Geographical Location

The Grape House Group Pty Ltd is located in Euston, New South Wales, Australia and shares the border with the town of Robinvale in the state of Victoria along side the natural beauty of the mighty Murray River.

This prime fruit growing region of Australia has offered excellent weather and soil conditions for growing quality produce since its first farm was established in 1846 by settlers who first discovered the potential of the area.

Euston is situated approximately 1080km south of Sydney, 480km north-west of Melbourne and 480km east of Adelaide.

Euston, New South Wales, Australia

The Grape House Pty Ltd

Quality facilities, technology & standards

Known as one of the most efficient producers in the world with state-of-the-art packing and coolstore facilities,
employing the latest technology and management techniques in irrigation, trellis and viticulture.

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