The Grape House Group

Our Process

Our company is focused on implementing a very disciplined and streamlined approach, equipped with the latest technology and procedures we strive to ensure that the highest quality of table grapes is delivered to our customers.

We use market intelligence to handle and distribute our grapes along with the latest techniques to ensure our grapes hold their quality during safe transportation.

Each grape bunch harvested from the vine is handled with care, from picking and packing to cold storage and distribution. This is the reason why we are considered a reliable asset to many of our customers.


The Grape House Group Pty Ltd can fulfil any marketing requirements regarding packaging 9kg and 10kg cardboard cartons or 8.2kg and 9kg polystyrene boxes. All our packaging is Export Pack. We can pack stem up, flat pack, pre-pack bunch bags and 500g punnets. Our state-of-the-art farming and packaging techniques ensure the highest quality produce is available to local, interstate and international markets. Our people in the field, and in sales and distribution, ensure client satisfaction with a product that’s fresh for all seasons.


Our produce is transported directly from our cool store facility by refrigerated road transport, then by air or sea transport to its final destination. Our export market produce is carefully inspected and document approved by Authorized Officers (AOs) prior to being loaded into shipping containers from our distribution centre. Air freight is between 1-2 days delivery time and 7-32 days for sea freight. Domestic market delivery time is approximately 1-2 days by refrigerated road transport.

Quality Assurance

Our company ensures that strict policies and procedures are followed from the moment the bunch is harvested right to the point where it reaches the customers warehouse and finally to the dining table of the consumer.

We ensure our clients receive a professional supply, standardized service, high quality, and the best value of our product.

Each and every process is checked by our Quality Assurance department, only then is it released for the next step.

We are also the certified members of

● ICA 20

Industry standards and regulations in the food and agriculture sector have been implemented to maintain the high standards of our job.

Our Market

At The Grape House Group, we ensure the best quality of grapes are supplied to our market customers.

This is the reason why we have been successfully growing and aiming to improve our market each season.

We currently supply grapes to following locations.

Other than these locations, we can deliver to more protocol destinations!

Now you may think, how is the freshness and the quality going to be retained if we deliver all over the world?

The answer is, we can!

We have the latest techniques to ensure the longevity and freshness of our grapes is maintained during transportation.

Our methods are safe to use, and they do not cause any harm.

So, if you’re looking for grape exporters, then you’ve found the right place!

Contact us today, and let’s discuss the next step!

The Grape House Group