The Grape House Group

Our Story

We are a 2nd generation family business who specialize in growing fine quality table grapes from our farms based in Euston, NSW, Australia, and share the border with the town of Robinvale in the state of Victoria alongside the natural beauty of the mighty Murray River. This prime fruit growing region of Australia has ideal weather and soil conditions for growing quality produce since its first farm was established in 1846 by settlers who first discovered the potential of the area.

Our company was founded in 1952, and since then, we have a developed a large supply chain from growing to picking, packing and shipping quality table grapes to our domestic and international customers.

The fine quality of our grapes, which are handpicked from our vines, is the reason why we have been one of the most reliable marketers in the industry across Australia and the world.

Meet Our Team

The Grape House Group